The Women’s Business Forum

is the world’s first annual gender balanced leadership conference which provides a global platform for innovative debate and the delivery of progressive, achievable and sustainable talent management and effective performance solutions.

This is a must attend conference for any current or aspiring leader that needs to know about the subject and delivery of talent management and effective performance solutions.

600 Attendees - 1 Gala Dinner - 15 Thought Leading Speakers

“The Conference was absolutely WORLD CLASS. I can count on the fingers of one hand full day conferences that have managed to grip the audience’s attention throughout, which this one did... and what’s more, it did that despite a pretty expert audience on the topic!”

  • Creating a catalyst for change for effective diverse talent management
  • Delivering sustainable and achievable actions on this agenda
  • Bringing together a unique networking environment to build and nurture long term business relationships and new opportunities
  • Guaranteeing representatives made up of delegates from all business sectors
  • Platforming some of the most globally recognised, influential and respected leaders and speakers
  • Influencing mind-set through collaborative debate, exchange of best practice, new research and fresh thinking

The Forum is a true leadership conference, which challenges thinking and brings together a gender balanced and diverse mix of leadership talent. Last year’s event saw 166 global organisations and some 600 female and male leaders from all sectors of industry in attendance. This event not only delivers thought provoking, visionary, cutting edge leadership discussion but also delivers it to an audience that is truly representative of current and future leadership.

Highlights of The Women’s Business Forum 2013

  • “I can honestly say that in every regard it was the most fulfilling, educational, and inspiring Forum I have ever been to.”
  • “The Speakers were all excellent. It was wonderful to have such a variety of backgrounds and thoughts. The company over dinner and networking was super. The agenda and line-up was great. I look forward to catching up with my team on the take outs.”
  • “What a spectacular event! It was great to have so many men in the conversation; it made a very positive difference and helped to take the conversation forward.”